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When can't be reached (Workaround)

If you're using Chrome browser within Myanmar and use the address bar (the Omnibox) for quick Google searches, Chrome will by default use the country's Google URL "" to do the search. It's all good and well, until you get this error:

How to Monitor Search Engine Rankings

Chances are, if you run a website, you have done search engine optimization yourself. Or you might have hired an SEO expert to help boost your website ranking. But what was done and how does it affect your website's ranking in reality? How do you measure the result of the changes that were made. Algorithms used by search engines are constantly changing. What worked in the past might no longer work or may even do you more harm.

Kanban to Increase Productivity

Kanban, meaning "Visual Card" or "Signboard", is a method to manage workflow efficiently and without overloading team members. It was first intended to manage Toyota's production system but many companies in all types of industries have adopted it, software development being just one of them.

Resume Writing: Do's and Don'ts

Over the last month, we posted our job vacancies for developers on a few job sites and we received quite a number of applicants. Based on all the resumes we received, here are my thoughts on what you should and should not do when writing your resume.