Web Design

Our designs are modern, responsive, and visually appealing, while being easy to use and navigate. Since the majority of Internet users today are on small mobile devices, it is crucial to your business that your website looks great and works well on any device, regardless of platform or screen size. All our designs are mobile-friendly and work well on all major browsers. Being mobile-friendly means that your site will get higher search rankings than otherwise.

Our designs are:

  • Beautiful
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Easy to use

Web Development

We are experienced, specialised and highly passionate about our work. We have years of experience in the following:

  • Client-side (frontend) user interface
  • Server-side (backend) development
  • Database management
  • Unix server administration
  • Cloud-based hosting
  • Automated server and database backups
  • Server security
  • ...and more

With our expertise, we build:

  • E-commerce online shop
  • Customer relations management system
  • Real estate portal
  • Online ticketing system
  • Any private system for internal use
  • And more! Contact us for details

Django Development

Django is a python web framework for rapid application development. We have adopted it as our web framework of choice. We use it for our own internal projects. If you need help on any Django projects or would like us to develop a Django application for you, talk to us.

Web Hosting

Hosting is available for all our clients. Hosting plans vary from a shared host to cloud-based private hosting, depending on your needs.

Support & Maintenance

We offer maintenance services to all websites hosted on our servers. Utilising server monitoring technologies, we know the status of our servers at all times to make sure it is always up and running.